It starts with “I”

… and ends with “WE”. That’s how we live and love into all that can be.


It’s an unprecedented time for all of us. The pandemic has been a global phenomenon with the majority of us being adversely affected in some way or another in its wake. Loss of life. Loss of stability and income. Loss of liberty and freedom and opportunity in so many ways. And throughout its aftermath, a lot of people have had to rely on government services and bailouts like never before. Corporate America and many of the pillars of our capitalistic society (especially small businesses) have struggled to stay afloat. And, on more personal and individual levels, it seems the majority of us have been forced to stop and reflect on all that we used to think of as “normal” and whether those things will ever be the same again. Why? Because a paradigm shift of the most epic proportions was suddenly thrust upon each one of us, with more and more people having to re-evaluate what’s most important to them with each passing new day.

Additionally, the death of George Floyd and other recent incidents of the past year have stirred within many of us a revolutionary-like wave of grief and anger at the fact that many forms of systemic injustice (both racial and gender-specific) still exist. Many of us are waking up to the fact that 90% of the nation’s wealth is controlled by just 10% of the population. And many more are just beginning to realize that unless more is done on a supplemental level outside the guise of Government and Corporate America, we’re never going to be able to come together and affect any kind of positive, permanent change because unity can never really truly be possible under the current status quo. The ability to work together in harmony towards common purpose, regardless of our differences, will never be achievable. Why? Because the forces of negativity, conflict and division that are now systematically in place will always seek to keep us divided.

Yet, here I am declaring that these shifts in perspective and the viewpoints that are beginning to surface as a result of all that’s happening may be exactly what’s needed to finally bring us together as one nation again. Have we, as Americans, had enough? Yes. Is it devastating that so many people had to go through difficult times and targeted and discriminated against so unfairly? Yes. Is it unfair to continue to see all these social inequality gaps so blatantly on display even now? Absolutely! But if we genuinely believe that there is something greater than ourselves at play here, then we also have to know that there are no coincidences in life. And that within every difficult situation that presents itself, there is a silver lining of truth that can be embraced and a potential for positive change. There is a thread of love that connects and unites each one of us — both individually and on a more macro and humanitarian level, collectively.

And spiritually-speaking, this no doubt has to be one of the most pivotal and seminal moments in our country’s history. Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE have an opportunity to make history again! WE THE PEOPLE, unified under a single banner of love, have an opportunity right now to revolutionize the social services landscape of this country─ for not only ourselves, but for future generations. A revolution of love that can be spearheaded BY and FOR every single individual in this nation. Young and old. Rich or poor. Black, brown and white. On account of it’s a capitalistic cause that we can all rally around, irrespective of our race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation or Wall Street biases.

CONSIDER: Never before has wealth/racial/gender inequality and a lack of upward mobility for so many in this country been so discernably apparent – and yet, never before has there been an opportunity for Americans of every socioeconomic class and upbringing to come together and freely invest into changing that dynamic. How? By investing in one another through ‘empowerments of scale’ in cooperation with (not dependent on) Government and Corporate America. But for that to happen, we must all acknowledge the truth of our eternal nature― that we are all one. That we all come from love. And as individual extensions of that love, it is our responsibility to invest in that awareness each day. To run our own spiritual races. And to live into all that the energy of love makes possible. Not only for us and our own well-being, but for all those running alongside us! Because isn’t that what “America the Beautiful” is all about? The “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave”? Isn’t that the legacy of freedom and opportunity that we all hope to pass on to our children? Equality and prosperity for all through education, active participation and civic service?

If so, then I ask that you download our free ebook and join the millions of other individuals who are rediscovering what it means to be a “LOVECHAMPION” in this day and age. I ask that you join The LoveChampions Initiative #LCI in symbolically pledging to invest the first $1 of every month into yourself… so that, as we collectively pledge together, we can begin to take back our country and transform it in ways that can only be achieved when we believe and conceive that the transformation is indeed possible. And I ask that you review our website as we explore all that WE THE PEOPLE are truly capable of when we rally around these potential paradigm shifts of empowerment for all Americans.

Remember, the future comes down to what we do today. Right now. Within each moment. And today, we have the choice to believe in one another and in all that holistically connects us. We have the ability to conceive what’s achievable and activate the power that is inherently ours by grace through faith, collectively. All we have to do is put in the work― both on our own individually, and together as a united national membership. And LoveChampions (through our Love Corps educational programs) will be there every step of the way to assist in fulfilling this monumental vision for all Americans.


Timothy-Christian, Founder & President


Crafted by love

LOVECHAMPIONS was born out of a need to recognize and fully rediscover the worth of each and every U.S. citizen. Because what we perceive as our differences aren’t important. Young or old. Rich or poor. Black or white. What matters is we are all intrinsic in value. And we are all worthy of a quality life and a chance to live into the equality and liberty-based values that founded this great nation.


Passionate about community

With the help of our national membership, LOVECHAMPIONS acquires capital assets and creates communities of love throughout the country beginning in the areas that need it the most. These communities are open 24/7 and serve as beacons of light for all those who are in need of purpose, fellowship, connection and belonging.


Equality is the goal

It seems as if inequality is on display everywhere in the country right now. And yet, we live in a world of abundance. That perception needs to change. That’s why at LOVECHAMPIONS, our focus is on the equality that’s achievable when it comes to social services. Equal rights. Equal access. And equal freedom and opportunities.


Fulfillment through service

Life is all about living into the love that we are and all that we signed up for by rediscovering our purpose. When we do that, the world opens up. We can love ourselves for who we are, and go on to love and serve others with that same capacity. And that is our overarching goal for every member. That is what the promise of LOVECHAMPIONS and our EDUCATION CLUB PASS, by divine extension, are all about.

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