A LOVECHAMPIONS® Revolutionary is an official messenger or representative who has committed to being a complete and unprecedented change agent. Aspiring to be LOVE personified and to make a difference in the lives of those around us more and more each day, Revolutionaries are extensions of the power that comes from within and connects out into each one of us. “Ambassadors of goodwill” that invest into themselves first each day and go on to invest into those running alongside them with the same capacity by way of civic service. Collectively, they help to transform the country and the communities around them through their example by way of their civic service and everyday actions. 

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Whether you’re part of an organization that would like to work jointly on love initiatives, or an individual that wants to supplement your income by building out your own brand or promoting our national #LCI fundraising efforts, being a LOVECHAMPIONS Revolutionary empowers you to join the LOVE REVOLUTION taking place in and around us in more tangible ways. Register today to start making a difference!





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