Online Portal

The LOVECHAMPIONS online portal will represent the kinds of communities we aim to foster offline throughout each of our campuses around the country. It will be  socially-driven with content designed to infuse positivity and well-being, and cater to the vibrational frequencies of faith, hope, LOVE, and kindness─ each concept promoting the love within each one of us to nurture a sense of connection and belonging in the hearts and minds of members everywhere.

Social Campus Network (SCN)

LOVECHAMPIONS social campuses, which include our social club, clinic and funshare experiences, are just extensions of the LOVE that we’re cultivating online. And that’s because each facility infuses the same core values and culture that we espouse online, which allows each locally themed campus to empower more immersive and collaborative experiences on a more consistent basis, so that each member can tangibly anchor into all that we’re creating for the public’s benefit.

SCN Next Gen Features

Because our social campuses will be subsidized by our national EDUCATION CLUB PASS membership program, we’re able to build with the latest state-of-the-art amenities in mind and showcase the most advanced technological features.