Fitness Clubs

It’s time to make “gym” memberships a more affordable, holistic and nature-based experience for everyone.


Create yourself over time.

Redefining “fitness” is one of the cornerstone features of every LOVECHAMPIONS social campus. Holistic well-being, self-awareness and connection with every aspect of life are the overall objectives. Soul. Mind. Heart. Body. And the ability to create yourself 24/7 through a national club pass that that empowers you to invest and consistently develop into all that you can be at every stage and season of individual transformation — so that you can begin to unlock the “LoveChampion” within and consciously create yourself in ways that only love makes possible.

Our philosophy

At LOVECHAMPIONS, we believe there’s a “LoveChampion” inside all of us. But to fully unleash and activate your power, and become the love that you were born to express, you have to be able to consistently balance out your creativity each day with a little structure. You have to be able to run your own race. Spiritually. Mentally. Physically. With the freedom and opportunity to do so at your own pace and your own divine timing.

Our services

Clubs will feature state-of-the-art fitness equipment, professional management and staff, as well as a full menu of amenities designed to create invigorating, relaxing holistic experiences that are nature-centric. They will cornerstone most campuses and provide subsidized access to personal and professional development programs, complimentary life coaching, and other holistic and wellness-related initiatives. Self-reliance and lifelong learning programs will also be promoted. Those who feel they cannot afford EDUCATION CLUB PASS membership should contact us directly, as club benefits by way of civic service are always available.

General Operations


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Physical & Mental Health

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Holistic Health & Well-Being

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Imagination/Adults Having Fun

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IT’S TIME to live into love.

Together, we can create a world where everyone wins. Everyone is empowered.


Holistic Living


Lifelong Learning


Creating Yourself.


Developing Yourself.

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