Introducing “Funshares”

Funshares are what most people would refer to as community-based timeshares. These kinds of social campus experiences will be available to the entire LOVECHAMPIONS membership as subsidized B&B/vacation and wellness destinations throughout the country. Why? Because everyone deserves the freedom to participate in new learning experiences. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have fun and to affordably travel and explore the country on a regular basis, especially if they’re willing to volunteer and serve in some way or another along the way in the process. And everyone should be aware of the latest in self-sustainability and how technology is allowing for zero carbon footprinting and other ways to heal our planet.


The timeshare, re-imagined.

Imagine if, collectively, we empowered ourselves to take vacations (local and around the country) that re-energized us on a regular basis. Retreat-like, experiential destinations that are built around nature and wellness, and that allow for a refocusing of our time and energy onto all the things that matter most to us… and towards all the things that an intentional shift towards all that love makes possible.

01. Dream getaways

Dream vacations in dream locations via autonomous, self-sustainable intelligent housing (whenever possible) that let you experience the future of sustainability, not just talk about it.

02. Off-grid accomodations

Learn about the latest in self-sustainability by relaxing in it! No hookups required, zero onsite construction. No connections or groundworks. Just nature and healing vibes!

03. Luxury through service

Funshares give every family in the country the freedom and opportunity to experience the latest in technology and fine living, even if they couldn’t necessarily afford it on their own.

Earth first

Service-oriented approach

Funshares are possible because of our service learning approach to education. The more that WE THE PEOPLE collectively come together to activate our power and provide new ways of living into love, the more we can create community and social-based experiences that improve the quality of life for all Americans. And the more that we can live into all that the energy of love makes possible, the more fun we can have as local campuses that are connected via real-world connections and experiences (not just online) throughout the country.

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We ship rooms flat

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