Membership and Benefits

It’s time to redefine what “country clubs” mean as they pertain to exclusivity and privilege. It’s time to create “clubs for the country” — a.k.a. social campuses and fitness/wellness facilities that are accessible by everyone.

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Why? Because everyone deserves to live into abundance!

How It Works

Together, Donors combine our ‘collective buying power’ by participating in symbolic pledges each month to capitalistically create multi-generational, publicly accessible wealth and supplemental benefits for all.


Our Programs

Together, Donors have equal opportunity access to our EDUCATION CLUB PASS membership programs, which will be fully subsidized and available across the country via our Social Campus Network (SCN).

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The Campuses

Together, Donors live into ’empowerments of scale’ to acquire and re-purpose unused capital assets into sustainable, next-level social campuses that will benefit the national membership for generations to come.

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Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure what we’re about? Here’s a little Q&A specific to our donors and members.

What are LCI Pledges and what are Membership Dues?

When you become a LOVECHAMPIONS Donor and take the symbolic pledge to invest in yourself first each month, you’re doing so as part of The LoveChampions Initiative #LCI that we’re jumpstarting around the country. Recurring donations for this initial outreach will be used as liquid capital to purchase and repurpose real estate and other capital assets throughout the country to establish and maintain our Social Campus Network (SCN).

Membership Dues are what LOVECHAMPIONS members will pay each month when they enroll in our education club, utilize our online portal, and participate at social campuses once these experiences are fully established in their area. These experiences will be provided at subsidized rates that are available at a much lower than what would be paid at other typical fitness clubs, healthcare clinics and educational centers, or through our various funshare amenities.

Who is eligible to participate in these educational programs?

LOVECHAMPIONS programs will be available to everyone. In fact, the more people across the country that we can get to participate, the more of an impact we can make in a shorter amount of time. To get involved and actually get paid to raise awareness for LCI and all that we’re uniting around this upcoming year to tackle wealth inequality, click here.

How does it work? Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, absolutely! Your recurring monthly donation can be cancelled at any time. Additionally, membership dues are set up per the contract you sign as part of a campus application agreement. Dues cancellation rules apply accordingly.

How does LOVECHAMPIONS keep me informed of progress?

As a public benefit organization that operates BY and FOR the people, transparency is of most paramount concern, especially when it comes to donations and dues. To facilitate these disclosures, we send out a newsletter each month to update Donors of current events and progress. We also intend to fully interact with Members real-time through our online portal, a tool that allows us to better democratize the transparency and participatory processes.