Symbolic Pledges

Answering the Call

One of the core principles of LOVECHAMPIONS is that every individual Donor is asked to voluntarily answer the call to action and adventure within them, and to live and love into purpose each day and all that they spiritually are. Each member is asked to consciously create themselves by investing into their own lives first each month in more holistic ways, which when done in combination with The LoveChampions Initiative (#LCI), allows us all to collectively invest back into the country and the lives of those around us. Every other one of our LOVECHAMPIONS® EDUCATION CLUB PASS investments into love are a derivative of this directive.
Collective Buying Power

“Why am I so important?”

There may be a part of you that’s asking yourself, “Why is it so important for me to individually pledge $1 every month? It’s just a dollar, for goodness sake!” Well, that’s a fair question and if it were just you and just a handful of other people going out and collectively paying for dinner or something, that extra dollar might not mean much at that level of scale. But at LOVECHAMPIONS, our vision is built around a much greater vision. A vision to fundamentally revolutionize the social services landscape of the country via supplemental services that are either currently unavailable to many who don’t have direct access to them, or inaccessible to the majority of us who don’t have extra funds to keep up with monthly subscriptions to different monthly service providers (for things like supplemental health care premiums and overhead costs, gym memberships, spa club dues, fitness/nutrition programs, wellness apps, etc) AND for what we see as basic health and human needs that should be more readily available and affordable for all Americans. That vision can only be truly achieved if we work together as one. As love. It can (and will only manifest) if WE THE PEOPLE (all 329 million of us) personally invest in it enough to see it through.
Education Club Pass

Love In Action Through Education

Our new approaches to education will redefine what it means to provide supplemental social services to all Americans.

1 – The Pledge

When you download our free ebook and become a LOVECHAMPIONS Donor, you’re choosing to symbolically love into yourself daily and become a part of something greater than yourself. You’re choosing to invest your first dollar of every month into creating a better life for not only yourself, but for future generations as well. Donors automatically qualify for EDUCATION CLUB PASS membership.

6 – Benefits

LOVECHAMPIONS bylaws and our board of directors will inherently guide and protect the membership (i.e. WE THE PEOPLE), but everyone will have a say in the direction of our overall vision and all the collective benefits that come along with LOVECORPS civic service membership (a.k.a. the “human capital” that’s empowering it).

2 – Collective Buying Power

By investing in yourself first each month, the entire LOVECHAMPIONS Donorship is able to collectively invest in one another and purchase capital assets for everyone to use within the social services educational landscape, a neglected sector of life that we all use and need increased access to every day.

5 – Membership Dues

Your $1 monthly symbolic pledge will go towards the purchase and repurposing of new social campuses (a.k.a. social capital) throughout the country. Each facility will be accessible by WE THE PEOPLE in perpetuity, whether members live in the local area or they’re visiting from out-of-state. Depending on the local EDUCATION CLUB PASS programs you choose to participate in, monthly membership dues will apply. 

3 – Empowerments of Scale

By taking the symbolic pledge, you’re choosing to participate in your own self-actualization by actively investing in services offered online and at each social campus, which are provided at a much lower cost and available to everyone by way of the subsidies inherently created by the collective membership. Over time, this empowers the Donorship to collectively transform even more social service sectors in ways that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

4 – LoveCorps

To further subsidize our social campuses and make it more equitably accessible for everyone involved, Donors are eligible to participate in our national EDUCATION CLUB PASS program, which will be centered around social learning and education as a way of making our country a more inclusive and equitable place to be for everyone involved.