The LoveChampions Initiative

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Small actions add up to big change. LOVECHAMPIONS empowers WE THE PEOPLE to collectively purchase real estate and other capital assets across the country each month with every donation. Together, we aim to eliminate WEALTH INEQUALITY within a few decades.


Imagine if 290 million people came together to invest in themselves collectively.

IT’S TIME to revolutionize the social services landscape of the United States! Through capitalism. Through ’empowerments of scale’. Through active, civic participation by every American. 

Why? Because together, with love as our foundation, WE THE PEOPLE have the potential to transform this country. Together, we have the ability to provide upward mobility and empower individuals from every walk of life and circumstance. And together, we have the collective buying power to purchase real estate and other capital assets as a gift to future generations that would not only help supplement the healthcare and educational marketplaces currently in place, but would also allow us to autonomously invest into more fun, “destinational” experiences and other member-based initiatives that everyone in the country can participate in and enjoy as communities — in subsidized ways, more and more over time. BUT it all starts with our ability to jointly acquire CAPITAL and to leverage it for the future benefit of all.


$290 million/month

Monthly #LCI donations will be dedicated to proactively purchasing and repurposing land, buildings and other capital assets to be used for the collective good of everyone involved.

Projects nationwide

The LOVECHAMPIONS social campus network will serve as a tangible “social network” of campuses where members can connect within physical communities throughout the country.

290 million people

Each contributing $1 each month as a conscious, symbolic gesture pledging that they love themselves enough to invest in their own lives and future generations first each day.

Alone we are powerful, but together we are so much more. Together, through love, is how we will collectively transform our country and live into our destined future. And together is how we will create a higher sense of purpose for every human being on the planet through our everyday example.

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but just as the great late John Lennon used to say, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE. And just like he believed we could do all those years ago, I hope someday soon you too will join us and the country (and eventually the world as well) can live as one. As love. As peace and prosperity and liberty and justice for all mankind. 

~ Timothy-Christian, Founder

Monthly newsletter

As part of your monthly $1 donation, you’ll receive updates on our progress and where exactly each dollar of everyone’s combined efforts are going, etc. We’ll also update you on how we’ll be using part of those funds to build out this website (and our future apps) as an online social network that we can ultimately use to connect offline — via “safe zones” of love and light where we can immerse and get away from all the negativity and division and conflicts of the world that so often want to pull us in. We’ll also be asking you to contribute your ideas and collaborate with other members throughout the country as we move forward, specifically as they pertain to the facilities and the potential benefits for each one of us therein.