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Join the LOVECHAMPIONS Affiliate Program today and we’ll let you keep 20% of every new membership pledge that you help sign up (ongoing for six months). It’s a win-win for everyone!

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We all need extra ways of making money these days.

Now you can earn extra income each month by simply spreading the word about LOVECHAMPIONS and all that we’re doing to make this country a fairer, more equitable place for everyone involved.

Focus on promotion

We take care of the rest

We all want the LOVECHAMPIONS movement to go viral and you need extra supplemental income each month. So you focus on promoting and we’ll focus on paying you for your efforts. It really is that simple.

Enhanced reports

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Through our partnerships, we provide security and insight into all your leads and sales commissions. Your ongoing referrals are organized and managed in one place so you can keep track of each conversion.

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Making sure your lead generations are always pointing back to you has never been easier. Use custom links and URLs that you can give to friends, family and followers depending on your needs.

Work with the best

That’s right! There’s a movement afoot right now! Love is the tie that binds and more and more people are beginning to realize its power when we come together to allow it to work for all of us collectively.

We The People

Yes! Yes! At the heart and soul of the LoveChampions movement are the “people”. Ordinary individuals like you and me that choose to live into a brighter future for everyone involved. Without “us”, there is no “we”.


A lot of individuals have unique talents and life experience that allow them to reach more people than others when it comes to their circle of influence. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to broaden the membership.


Those in the public eye are often seen in a different light than others because of their line of work. We look forward to working with you to expand our reach and through the empowerment initiatives that only your platforms can spearhead.

I lost my job when all the COVID stuff started earlier in the year.
LoveChampions gives me a way to supplement my income and do it at my own pace.

Joe Maverick


I needed a way to earn some extra income in my spare time but my time has been limited. Being able to promote something I believe in and get paid to do it was a godsend!

Julia Nguyen

Stay-at-home Mom

I love LoveChampions and all it stands for! We need a way to come together right now as a country, so if I can help make that happen and earn a little money every month for doing it, then that’s great!

Billy Gorgone

Computer software engineer


As a LOVECHAMPIONS Ambassador, you have the freedom to choose your own marketing strategy and how to best spread the word about our movement.


With freedom comes opportunity, and with the Ambassador Program, we’ve provided you a way to get directly involved in The LoveChampions Initiative #LCI.


Since the Ambassador Program is commission-based, you choose how much time you want to devote to evangelizing. The more time you invest, the more you can earn!

Let’s work together

TOGETHER… is how we move forward in the direction of our dreams. Together is how we turn the vision of LoveChampions into reality. Please join us and reach out if you have questions. We’re here for you.

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