Most of us can’t afford to purchase capital assets like a private estate or go away to luxury wellness resorts to recharge on a weekly basis. And even if we could, we all need ways to consciously live into all the newfound stillness and focus that comes from that kind of escape. But collectively, we can all invest into a “social campus network” that provides a way for all of us to consistently invest into love, freedom and opportunity across the country, and create ourselves individually each day without strings or limitations as part of the LOVECHAMPIONS® EDUCATION CLUB PASS initiatives.
EXAMPLE: Every day, there are thousands of buildings, campuses, schools, colleges, religious and R&D facilities, government-owned properties, golf courses and resorts that are either sitting vacant or are for sale at discounted prices across the country. And there is land for sale in nearly every geographic region. IMAGINE the capital assets that we could invest into and take ownership of each month if we built upon, acquired and/or profitably repurposed those assets for the benefit of everyone involved.